Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple TV

I've been testing out an Apple TV in my classroom for the past few weeks now to see how the mirroring function with the ipad2 could work.  My impressions so far have been very positive.

Things I like:
-Wireless connection has been good (for the most part), sometimes I'm kicked off due to wireless issues, but this is pretty minimal
-Students can connect their ipads to the apple tv (I currently have it password protected) and share work, which is super cool!
-When using the camera app on the ipad, you have a portable document camera!
-It is nice to be able to demonstrate apps to students with full video and audio without being tethered to a cord!
-Cost--at only $99, plus a $40 VGA adapter to hook into the projector and some audio cables, its very cost efficient!
-This link from iear shows the similar hook up that I've been using in my classroom.

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