Friday, March 30, 2012

Talking to Yourself in the Future

Today is our last day of school before Spring Break.  For my 7th grade math students, we are in the midst of an important unit on division, ratio's, and proportions.  Instead of surrendering to the usual "day before spring break" movie, I wanted my students to learn how to solve proportions (a pretty easy skill--just cross multiply and solve!).
After taking some time with some direct instruction on solving proportions, I told my students that they would now talk to themselves in the future.  They gave me puzzled looks.  I explained that they probably wouldn't be thinking about proportions for the next 10 days (or 240 hours, or 14,400 minutes, or 864,000 seconds) and this new concept might just leave their mind.  So, I gave them each a proportion to solve and record (explaining/narrating all steps) using Educreations.
To begin next class (the dreaded first day after Spring Break), I'll have them view their own screencast to bring them back into the world of proportions.  We'll see how it goes!

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