Friday, March 30, 2012

Teaching with Notability

For the past 3 weeks, I've been teaching (about 75% of the time) using my ipad + Apple TV + Notability app.  I normally teach from a tablet pc, which requires that I stay tethered to the RGB cord and stationary at the front of my room.  What I've been able to do with the ipad + Apple TV is instruct from ANY point in the room, which I absolutely LOVE!
Other key points from my experience:
-I use the paper features of Notability to take notes with  my students as I teach
-I import pdf's of all documents necessary for class from my DropBox account.  My pdf's (usually documents I've created in Word) then combine into my notes for the day.
-I auto-sync my Notability notes back to my DropBox account for safe-keeping.  This way, if a student misses class, I can email the file directly to him/her as a pdf--very slick!
-Once in awhile, our wireless will kick me off from the network, requiring me to re-connect/re-mirror to the Apple TV.  We're still hammering out some networking issues with the Apple TV's, but this has not been too problematic.
-The ipad is a little smaller than my tablet pc, which takes some getting used to, especially writing while holding the ipad, but is not a huge deal.

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